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The TV fixer APP can be your best friend when it comes to getting the best digital TV reception In Australia!

Whether you’re one of the grey nomadic caravanners searching In vain for a decent picture out in the sticks somewhere

or just living in the cities having troubles getting all the new Digital Freeview channels on the new TV. This app will be

able to help you save a dollar, a few grey hairs and you’ll learn something about TV along the way.



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Out Now In The i-Phone APP Store


Adjust your own antenna installation for the best digital quality and best strength but generally with digital TV take more note of the quality

reading when adjusting your antenna, This should give you the best chance  of finding good reception; Anywhere in Australia

Best of all the APP shows you which way you need to point your TV antenna from your relative position and orientation


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APP Contents Includes -

GPS: Digital TV Transmitter Locator
& TV Antenna Direction Pointer
  • Exact Coordinates And Address
  • Power Out-Puts, ERP
  • Polarity (Vertical Or Horizontal)
  • Frequencies For Tuning In
  • Digital Or Analogue Transmission
  • Contact Phone Numbers For Sites


Usually there are a couple of different TV transmitters you can pick up as well so find one which gives you what you want then point

and shoot... easy but remamber this I-phone app is obviously not as good as a professional $4000  digital TV signal meter used by a TV

professional like me but it’s useful enough as a back-up and for the average Joe trying to DIY and save a dollar



Get Better Digital TV Reception



iphone tasmania digital tv reception
The Gps In The Iphone Will Lock Onto Your Position And Orientation
It Will Locate The Direction Of Your Nearest TV Transmitters And Point You In The Right Way
With Digital HD TV The Antenna Needs To Be Pointed As Accurately As Possible Or You May Experience Reception Problems Such As Skiping And Flickering And The Dreaded "No-Signal"


Fault Finding Common TV Problems

Setting up your new TV can be difficult this APP contains walkthroughs and guides to fix most problems you might

encounter and tells you what cables you will need where to plug them and how to tune things in


Guides for Diy Antenna Installation

Save money and diy: once you have your new digital antenna And all the bits, I’ll tell you how to install it properly

and what things to Look out for and what not to do then tuning and antenna pointing



perth tv transmitters digital tv freeview

Find Your Local

Digital TV

Transmitter And Get

More Channels

And A Better Quality

HD Signal

iphone tv transmitters sydney NSW digital TV

APP Also Includes


Help Section for Home Theatre & Satellite

How to connect this and that and make it all work as it should projectors, sound systems, multi room remote controls

Also A Local TV Guide "What’s On Now?"

After you have the best possible signal Find out what you can watch where ever you are in Australia On digital Freeview, it’s

free and it’s good There are lots of useful diy guides in this app to help you through this digital Switch over

without forking out every time the TV starts flickering




Check your own antenna! ... Make sure you are pointing correctly in The right direction. It must be pointing towards the

best digital TV Transmitter tower in your area to get the best possible digital HD signal.


iphone app antenna diy TV aerial help

Digital TV Reception Can Be Tricky


If your diy skills are not up to it or you just cannot get it going You can also book your local governmernt endorsed antenna

& tv man direct from This app to come round fix the problem for you,where ever you may be Good luck & follow the tips wisely,

it will hopefully save you a few grey Hairs down the line and hopefully some dollars especially where digital tv is concerned


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Thanks To Paul W from Electrocraft WA & AlanH from DTV Forum For your advice and ideas along the way


This is not a TV signal strength meter it is a antenna direction pointer, and yes I know its crap if you’re a professional installer like me who is in the trade and has spent 5 grand on their proper meter…. or an antenna “scientist” like AlanH (DTV Forum GOD!) who knows ultimately more than I about radio frequency physics science lab stuff, but its dam useful to the 1000’s of people all over Australia who use it and have used it.. even i have used it on some jobs as an emergency back up when my meter had failed and i had to find the direction of the local towers while fiddling with an old internal antenna inside a dark roof. it was only and old dears cheap fix up repair job but even i was greatfull for it then lol...…..Thank you for your feedback and comments..…please if you find any wrong information or if the pointer is not correct for any of the 100’s of TV transmitters across this baren land of ours. let me know and then I can update and correct things.. Thanks guys and good luck with your own digital TV switch installations



You Will Need An Iphone Sorry :-(




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