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Digital TV Myths

There are so many misconceptions and so much misinformation about "Digital" that we thought we should tell the unvarnished Truth. We can do that because unlike the government wanting To use the RF spectrum To make money, or the TV retailers Wanting to sell you a new TV We have no hidden agenda we can just fix your TV picture if its broken,

Perhaps the biggest digital myth is that it will make your old TV obsolete and you will have to throw it away. That is a complete fiction but you may need a set top Box from around $40 that is all don’t be fooled by TV sales people. Flat screen digital TV's even though they have come down in price a lot are still unaffordable to some people. If you’re on a budget and want to enjoy digital get a cheap setopbox from dick smiths, if you need us to help install or setup give us a call.

All TVs will work after the switch off...  you might need a special box plugged in but you don’t have to throw away your old TV...  Also the government eventually will be giving out free boxes and paying people like me to come and install it for free as well


GO & 9HD 7HD Hills Australia GME Kingray
GO & 9HD 7HD   Hills Australia GME Kingray

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