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What Is Digital TV & Freeview?

Australian broadcasting is currently changing to digital television (DTV). A digital signal transmits the information for video and Sound as ones andzeros instead of as a wave. For over-the-air Broadcasting,

The term digital TV is bandied around a lot these days, and depending On who you talk to, it can mean different things. The confusion exists
Because digital TV in Australia is really three separate ideas in one. The first one is the idea of digital TV signal this is different to analogue TV signals. Analogue television has its origins as a broadcast medium, If you attach an Analogue antenna to your TV you can pick up a range of channels for free What your antenna is picking up is a composite video signal alongside a Distinct sound signal. Digital signal works a little differently its more to do with zeros and ones more akin to computer type data transfere
Get Ready For Digital TV To keep receiving free-to-air
TV after the digital switchover In 2010-2013 you will need a television that is capable of receiving
Digital signals.

In Perth, for instance, you get a digital TV or set top box and you stand to receive about 25 commercial digital stations. Television broadcasters ( ABC, Nine, SBS etc) obtained a new broadcast Frequency from the government, with the result that until the digital switchover Is completed in the next couple of years, each broadcaster is running analogue As well as multiple digital channels. The digital channels are operating on a 19.39 megabit a second stream of digital information, which your Antenna picks up as long as it is digital HD ready.

Digital television provides vastly improved picture and sound quality, Including widescreen pictures and digital audio. Digital television also Offers the benefits of more TV channels and content.

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