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A Digital TV Picture is NOT Superior To a 'GOOD' Analogue Picture.

"the powers that be" are very quiet about this, it is actually worse because the Broadcasters want as many program channels as possible and they have sacrificed picture quality (And a robust signal) to that End. A good (I must stress that word) analogue picture can take Advantage of its greater bandwidth to give more detail and "higher refresh rate" To the picture.

I accept that one has to look closely at the picture especially a fast moving one, but a digital picture is worse. Look at the fine detail ( on a moving shot, a football match is a good example) you can see it "blocking" or smudging. Even more annoying, to me anyway, one can sometimes See the staccato movement associated with too low a refresh rate. When you see your new TV in the shop remember you are seeing it in its best conditions When you take it home dont expect everything to be Full HD quality and as impressive.

Black and White Films were filmed 50 years ago..
And Home and Away doesnt have the budget
They will never be in HD quality even if shown on HD channels

The graph Above shows how the relative picture qualities of the analogue And digital systems vary as the signal quality deteriorates. Note how with A perfect signal the analogue picture is superior, then falls behind as the Signal quality degrades, before retaking the lead when the digital signal Runs out of error correction data and falls down the digital cliff edge. Incidentally (analogue) fm radio and (digital) dab radio follow the same Kind of pattern.

10 One ONE-HD SPORTS Matchmaster Antennas Digi-Match
10 One ONE-HD SPORTS   Matchmaster Antennas Digi-Match

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