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Home theatre systems these days can be complicated to set up and get working to their full potential, rather than spend three days trying
to understand a manual give us a call and we will come and do everything for you..


Health Check Tv picture going funny colours?
Tv picture breaking up?
Sound now working as it should?
Too many buttons on your remote controls?
Free Digital

For a local call-out fee we can fully test your TV system and find the cause of your problems. We use the latest digital testing equipment and
will always come up with a solution if problems are found.

Analogue TV is being switched off soon, make sure you are digital ready!

Areas which receive poor signal levels can benefit from the installation of Signal amplifier / boosters to improve TV reception. We mostly
install professional Mast-head amplifiers which are used in fixed positions usually on the antenna Pole to reduce signal noise. A standard
antenna system can accommodate 3-4 TV Outlets, with an amplifier 6+ TV points may be installed. We stock 24db and 34db gain Amplifiers
made by Kingray Australia.We can also install boosters for other types of video systems and satellite

Amplifier   booster


TV Boosters Improve Picture Quality And Allow Lots Of TV Points From One Antenna

TV Reception And Picture Problems Fixed

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We will check all the cabling and make sure it’s the right stuff we can install antennas new cabling and all sorts of stuff depending what is
needed. We will organise and neaten al your cables and make sure you know how to use all of the millions of options.


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