Data points or network outlets allow connection to the internet or local networks in your home or office.  There is more need than ever to provide good quality network connectivity. We only install premium quality network cabling and data points that are designed to maximise bandwidth and internet speeds.

Our technicians are licensed ACMA cablers.  Therefore, we can install everything from home data cabling to LAN point installation.  Also, we install phone points for home networking and even industrial electrical and communications cabling.

Data Cabling

Moving To A New House Or Office? Need Extra TV Phone Or Data Cabling?

Consider having the existing cabling replaced and upgraded with new wires.  With new data cabling you can rest assured that your equipment is going to run as it should. Also, modern data cabling provides the highest performance and signal quality. We will assess your current Data & Coms network cabling and advise you.  Afterward, we will install and cabling system to meet your needs and budget.

If It Involves Running Cable Then We Are Your Guys

Residential Data Cabling Perth

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