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How to Wall Mount a TV

Why place your plasma TV on a table or other furniture when you can save space by mounting it on the wall? It looks great higher up too. New thinner, lighter models make this easier to do yourself and save a dollar or two. Follow these easy steps to avoid any costly mistakes.

First thing first –

buy a decent mount! The last thing you want is for your expensive TV to fall off the wall because you decided to save thirty dollars on the mount. Go to a reputable TV store and find the correct mount for both the TV and the wall it will be going on.

What about the cables?

The most attractive way to deal with the cables is to hide them inside the wall. With a stud wall this is fairly easy – you just need to drill a hole in the wall where the cable will go in, and another one where it will come back out and connect to the plug and aerial point. If there is no wall cavity then the cable can be concealed inside a conduit which is attached to the wall. Conduits are easy to fit and can give very professional results.