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I try my hardest to source local Australian Made Antenna products, for the sake of an extra dollar or two it’s not worth the drama using cheap crap that’s going to fail far quicker in our Perth conditions
We do our best to source Australian-made antennas as generally they are better and strong and last longer than other imported antennas I have seen; also they don’t keep your money over here on our shores.Over the years we have been using Australian made brands such as Hills, Matchmaster, Polteck, High Gain, Electrocraft to name but a few. We don’t use the cheaper imported Netsat, Antisig, Digitek or Clipsal antennas like our competitors.


However, over the years our trusted Australian companies have been secretly and outsourcing there assembly and manufacture to CHINA without informing me or you the customer. We still have some good matchmaster antennas in storage with the made in Australia logo on, although all the newer antennas this logo sticker is cunningly removed. Rumours of Hills Antennas and others doing the same are currently being explored.
Our Polteck and Highgain Australian Made Antenna have been confirmed to be either made or assembled here in Australia. We would like to guarantee fully 100% Australian made antennas for digital and we do our best to source local products however our suppliers no longer clearly advertise what is coming from where in some cases, but rest assured whatever we use its good stuff and I personally guarantee & quality control what we use and what we carry on the rd. – we are on the case



Update! 09/05/2011

The Hills Antennas We use are Australian made: guaranteed!

I have personally confirmed with Hills Antennas that the antennas we use from them are 100% aussie made, this is what they said

From Hills Antennas

“As we discussed andrew, I can confirm that vast majority of TV (and satellite) antennas sold by Hills are manufactured from raw materials at our dedicated antenna factory in O’Sullivan’s Beach in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.
All OMX series, Spectramax, Platinum High Definition, Seeker, Digitel, TMX, SFX, Digitel, as well as the UMX and Hunter antennas, Nomad and Vantenna caravan antennas, plus several other models are manufactured at our factory.
We have a design team of about eight engineers who are responsible for the electrical and mechanical design of all of these antennas and we continue to develop new quality antennas that are competitively priced in order to provide our customers maximum value against low priced imported competitors’ products.For your information, our masthead amplifiers and many of our distribution and splitter amplifiers are also designed and manufactured at our Adelaide factory.”

I trust the above clears any confusion regarding the country of origin of Hills products:

Hills are a trusted australian brand making high quality, long lasting digital Australian Made Antenna we recommend them for all commercial high-grade installations and for areas where other brands just cannot compete: Andy 🙂

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