Satellite TV Channels For Perth & WA

G'day. Are you after more TV channels? We can install and repair any type of dish. We can also setup & Install most types of satellite systems, from small domestic channels dishes to large Cband dishes for access to channels from all over the world. Come to our satellite shop in town if you’re a caravan dish user or think you can DIY your own dish. We can help you with all the bits and pieces for your system and everything else you need.

We Can Get You 100's Of FREE Satellite Channels That Are Available To WA From Around The World. Chat Us Online To Find Out More

Satellite TV Installations & Freeview VAST

Did you know, there are 100's of satellites orbiting our planet? Unfortunately we can't receive all of the signals these satellites are sending out as some of them are situated on the other side of the earth. However, lucky for us, there are about 16 or so that we can point at, and get a signal from right here in Australia! We can get hundreds of free to air channels from all around the world, from English to Swahili. Call me now and ask for a quote.

Channel reception depends entirely on the size of your satellite dish. For the best TV reception in Perth, you will need either a UHF or VHF antenna for local TV stations. For satellite reception, however, there are also two main frequency bands to consider. You will need either a C-Band reciever, which is in the 3.4 to 4.2 ghz frequency band range and generally requires a large dish, or a KU-Band reciever. The KU-Band satellite covers 11 to 12.75 ghz and needs a smaller dish.

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