Which Free TV Channels Can I Get?

There are a lot of satellites in orbit above the sky with hundreds of channels broadcasting free TV in every language, and covering all religious.  Use this page as a guide and follow the links to find what you need. It is confusing because there are so many channels spread across many different satellites. You also need different sized dishes to receive the signals.  For instance, C-Band uses a big 2-meter dish which needs to sit on the ground in an open space.  KU-Band uses a small dish, like Foxtel dish, and can be mounted on the roof.

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As a general rule, budget about $400-500 for a complete KU-Band small dish installation.  Also, if you need a box, setup and cabling, the price will be about $900 – $1000.

For a large fixed C-Band dish installation, concreted into the garden, the price is around $1100 -1300.  A motorised C-Band can pick up even more free TV channels.

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