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Perth Satellite Dish Repair Man

Satellite TV reception is very sensitive. Any slight movement of the dish can have large effects on the quality of the TV picture. If you need a satellite dish repair expert, we can repair or replace anything that goes wrong with your satellite dish. We handle installation of satellite dishes. Also, we can tune, setup, or add dual-band LNB to your satellite. That way, you can watch and record at the same time like the new Foxtel IQ.  We can also motorise your satellite dish so you can scan the sky and pick up 1000s of international TV channels. We can re-aim to different satellites to get different channels. Lastly, if you need to get rid of old unwanted satellite dishes, call us.

Call Andrew now or chat live online to arrange a job or have a chat about satellite dish repair

Does your satellite TV lose signal often? If your satellite picture quality is poor or your picture is flickering and dropping in and out, you may need your dish realigned or repaired.  If your dish has been damaged in the Perth storms, bits may be been falling off. Call now and we will get your TV working again fast.

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