Caravan Satellite TV

Wish you had more options of what you could watch in all TV locations If you’re traveling around this beautiful country and don’t want to stress with The problems of getting good TV reception then go for the Portable satellite kit. It’s easy to use & fully mobile…








There are a lot of channels you are able to pick up, mostly regional WA TV including WIN, GWN 7-Central etc.. Check Our Satellite Page and Look For The – KU Band Satellite Freq Channels

If you’re in a caravan site and want us to come over and set things up and show you how to use things give us a call now and we can arrange a time


Alternatively come to the caravan satellite shop in Osborne Park, Perth WA and talk to me Andrew or Hal McDonald. We will show you what’s what guide you through all the different options and sell you all the bits and pieces need and give you lessons with how to set it up.
There are many channels to watch and lots of different sat-dishes you can get


See The Guys At Work At The Shop

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