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In this current technological age, we are likely to have many TVs and antenna points in our homes. Although modern homes are generally well taken care of with multiple TV connection points, older homes tend to lack antenna sockets. But don’t worry, Andrew and the guys from TV antennas Perth can easily install additional digital TV points and connections anywhere in your home, man-shed or even outside in the BBQ area.

Note: Beware. The more TV points you have the weaker the overall signal becomes. This is because the splitter connection divides up the signal strength between many TV points. This weakens the signal strength. – It is not because you switched on all the TVs at once.   If a weak signal is coming into your property, or you have too many TV points, a TV signal amplifier/booster or antenna mast may help improve your digital signal quality.  We have the right gear to test signal strength and know-how to accurately determine what has to be done to have as many TV points as you want.  Just remember, a commercial building with 500 outlets still only has one 1 antenna, so when we say we can install as many TV points as you want, we’re not kidding!

As many TV Points as you want, anywhere you want

Installing  TV points inside the walls of small units, double story buildings and commercial buildings is our speciality!  We do extra TV points for a living.  We’re the guys that crawl through the hot ceilings and under houses on a daily basis. We enjoy a challenge! If you have been told that a TV point “can’t go there”, we GUARANTEE you that we can install it there!

We only use RG6 quad-core shielded coax cable and F-Type digital screw connectors as our standard. Also, if you require an extra TV point on the bottom floor of the double-storey house, be aware that an external conduit may have to be used. It doesn’t look pretty, but sometimes it’s the only way to go.

TV Antenna Points Installed from $99

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