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TV Antenna Repairs Perth

 Looking for ‘TV Antenna Repairs Near Me”? Are you sick of having poor quality TV reception? – Is your reception unreliable? – Have you ever wondered why you have TV channels that only work some of the time or only play on some TV channels? If so, you might need your TV antenna repaired – Bits of your antenna are probably falling off. Maybe the cable is not tied to the pole well. Also, the wind often changes the orientation of antennas. Therefore, your antenna could need to be readjusted.

We use the latest digital test equipment to assess if your current roof antenna is acceptable for HDTV and 4k channels. Also, we check to see if your system can benefit from a TV antenna adjustment or if you need a brand new aerial.

Digital Antenna Repairs

Antenna Repairs Perth

BEWARE!!! You do not always need a new TV Antenna! Unlike some of our competitors that have joined the industry in the ‘DIGITAL BOOM’ for a quick buck, we have been around since 2004.  We survive on our honesty and word of mouth.

An old aerial can be a little like your car tyres and in other ways completely different. They may be old but still have 5 years of life in them. Why replace your antenna now when you don’t have to? Sometimes there is a perfectly good ‘cheap fix’.  We provide a service based on customer satisfaction and not sales figures. That’s our company’s vision, as per our about us page.

We are industry proven leaders when it comes to Perth TV aerial installation. Our technicians repair 100s of antennas on a weekly basis.  That includes jobs that were started or attempted by DIYers or even other companies that did not fix it right the first time.

In some instances, we can add a signal booster to fix reception.  Also, relocating the antenna often helps. In other circumstances, we may discover a previously unknown fault with the antenna or the wiring that could cause pixelisation, fuzziness or just generally bad and unreliable TV picture quality.

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