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Master Antenna Systems or MATV means there are many TV connection outlets that come from one master antenna. Usually, high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, schools and cluster-based residential areas use this kind of TV distribution network. We can design, supply, and provide installation, and testing of Master Antenna TV Systems in all Perth suburbs.

Master Antenna TV System

Master Antenna TV System

Usually, these types of installations require a large, heavy duty, secured, commercial-grade digital antenna distribution system.  Also, they usually need one or more distribution amplifier systems and lots of cabling and splitter control junction boxes. This way means other video distribution and various smart wiring services can also be added to the MATV if needed.  For instance, we can add Internet and audio distribution any time you want. Additionally, at TV Antennas Perth, we are fully qualified and insured commercial antenna specialists.  Also, we work with many local experts to find the best solution for any building.

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