Commercial Antenna Installations Perth

The installation of the MATV basically requires a network of cables and specifically designed components combined in a well thought-out process to amplify TV and FM and other signals from one central location and distribute them to the desired locations.

Let’s say you have a hotel requiring 60 Televisions sets, not only is it time-consuming but very expensive to be able to suitably maintain all 60 individual TV antennas. This is a benefit of MATV not only does it allow TV and FM to be transmitted from one base location, but it also ensures that each location receives quality TV reception without the interference and maintenance of 60 individual TV antennas.commercial antenna strata perth

We firstly need to consider the requirements of the building, building purpose and its size and dimensions. Whether you’re a school, hospital, apartment block or a hotel; TV Antennas Perth can assist with your MATV installation needs.

Using a government endorsed company such as us to install your MATV will ensure you’re dealing with a company with experience in the supply installation and delivery of MATV systems that will distribute quality TV and FM signals all year round. We are family owned and operated with a staff of highly technical domestic and commercial specialists with years of experience in installing MATV systems throughout Perth WA, we have 24/7 support for all emergency situations should anything go wrong with your Commercial antenna system and we can be their onsite fast before you’re your angry customer or residents start complaining.Perth Antenna Services has installed many corporate TV, MATV, SATV & satellite systems for all types of industries, using different styles of applications to suit the Client’s needs & requirements.

We work with the local antenna specialist shops in Perth such as hills and electrocraft among others to supply quality products that do not fail, No job is too big or too small, from the basic single outlet installation too fully integrated city high-rise developments,

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