Commercial Antenna Installations Perth

A good MATV system requires a network of cables and specifically designed components.  They must be combined in a well thought-out way.  MATV amplifies TV, FM and other signals from one central location and distributes them to the many other locations.

Suppose you have a hotel that needs 60 Televisions sets. It is time-consuming and very expensive to maintain 60 separate TV antennas. This is the biggest benefit of MATV.  MATV transmits TV and FM from one central location and uses a single antenna.  Also, it ensures each location receives a quality TV signal without interference.  Moreover, you don’t need to maintain 60 TV antennas.commercial antenna strata perth

We consider the needs of the building, the building’s purpose and its size and dimensions. Whether you’re a school, hospital, apartment block or a hotel, TV Antennas Perth can handle your MATV needs.

We work with the local antenna specialist shops in Perth such as Hills and Electrocraft, among others and supply quality products that will not fail. No job is too big or too small. We can install a basic single outlet or handle fully integrated city high-rise developments.

Email me your design or plans you are thinking about and we will prepare a rough quote remotely.  We can also come to your site and provide a FREE full digital health check on your current M.A.T.V. system

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