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Rewire Your House With Digital TV Cabling

If you are having issues receiving signal and have old-style (plug-in) TV wall plates, It might be time to upgrade your antenna cable and tv splitters as this can be the cause of many issues rather than the roof antenna.  These days, most  TV connections are made using secure screw-on (F-type) digital connectors. F-ty Cablingpe connectors are more reliable and are less prone to corrosion and decay than the older saddle and screw or plug-in male & female styles. Many older homes still may even have the old flat ribbon cable (pre-coax) still running throughout the house for the TV, this will all need to be replaced with digital TV cabling to guarantee you won’t get tv reception problems.

As well as upgrading your tv cabling, digital TV signal quality and strength can be improved greatly by upgrading to modern low loss digital F-Type splitters.   This will eliminate digital tv pixelation and stuttering of the picture and sound and make it possible to run more tv points from one antenna.

Digital Antenna Cabling

Digital Antenna Cabling

Whichever way you decide to go, your local antenna guy is here for YOU.

As a part of our service, we use a digital TV test meter to locate the tower for your best TV reception. We will also test outlet points to ensure they meet all Australian standards for digital signal quality .

With people now spending thousands on 4k TVs, upgrading your system may be an important consideration in the future of your TV viewing experience.

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