New Build Antenna Installations 

Built a new house? Has the builder left you to sort out the TV Antenna? Perhaps you’ve just never had a free to air TV antenna on the roof? If this is the case, you will need a new antenna installed to pick up FTA FreeView.

When building your new home, some builders will install your TV antenna connections for you but not usually the antenna.

We are experts at installing your new TV antenna. This will include the appropriate antenna and roof mount, cabling and splitter, as well as a connection to the internal cables in your roof space, which are usually run by an electrician. We also ensure that whenever possible, your new TV antenna is mounted to the rear of your property where it is far less visible from the street.


Fast Antenna Install

We can install all your antenna cables and splitter systems, and match them to modern digital TV specifications.

With people now spending thousands On HDTV LCD’s and plasma equipment this may be an important consideration In your future purchases and TV viewing experience.

Antenna Install with new Pole, Lead in cable and 1 x TV outlet Fr $419

As a part of our service, we use a digital TV test meter to locate the best tower for your signal reception. We will also test outlet points to ensure they meet all Australian standards for digital TV reception. A new standard TV antenna in a good location should be able to cope with running three independent TV points. More than three TV points or a bad antenna location may require a larger antenna or a TV booster

Antennas Installed with new pole and lead in cable from $349

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