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Perth Antenna: Masts & Pole Extensions

Many houses, especially in Fremantle, Armadale and Mandurah, have tall antenna masts on the roof to improve television reception. These can be especially useful for the problem areas with the weaker  UHF signals carrying  SBS. The TV transmitters for Perth are near the hills of Kalamunda. Some homes do not have a good line of sight to these transmitters from the roof. Therefore, these houses tend to have lower reception quality and need more than the basic install.

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VHF & UHF Antennas on a 15 ft mast.

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Perth Antenna Masts Install

Digital TV picture and sound quality tends to be more stable than the old system. Even with a weak or bad signal, it’s usually better than analogue was.  However, sometimes an antenna extension pole is needed to get a clearer signal. At TV Antennas Perth we make sure our masts are strengthened and supported to cope with our high winds and native birds here in Perth WA.

Generally, you only need a big antenna mast if you have some obstacle between your antenna and the broadcasting tower. For instance, if your home is down in a ditch or surrounded by trees, you will likely need a tall mast. You will also need antenna extension poles if your direct line of sight to the transmission towers is blocked by close buildings or power lines.  Check to see what type of installation your neighbours have and usually, you will need something similar.

15ft Antenna Poles  Are Guaranteed To Get Reception.

The extra height on the antenna also usually improves reception in tricky cases where the digital TV picture only breaks up at night or at certain parts of the day. The change in temperature during the day can have weird effects on the digital TV signal. This can be compensated for by the addition of extra height or relocation of the antenna system. We are fully trained and experienced in erecting poles from two meters in height to over six meters, and standard 15ft and 30ft masts as well. So, even if you’re down in the shadow of the hills or having troubles thanks to the neighbour’s new double story extension, we will always be able to get you a good picture.

15ft Extension Masts Installed from $349

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