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Areas that receive poor signal levels can benefit from a TV booster installation to improve digital reception. We generally install professional mast-head TV amplifiers that are used in fixed positions.  It is best to mount it on the antenna pole and as close to the TV antenna as possible. This helps to reduce reception problems. If you drive around, you will see little grey boxes on some antenna installations. This is the TV Booster. A normal high gain digital TV antenna can provide a signal to about 2-3 TV points with no problems. If you need to watch TV in more rooms, we can install amplifiers and boosters. Then, we can install as many TV points as you need. Remember, there is only one digital TV aerial on top of each city building running hundreds of TVs. It’s all about the correct use of signal boosters and proper balancing of the signal.

A standard antenna system can accommodate 3-4 TV outlets. However, with a television antenna amplifier, 6+ TV points in the house may be installed. We stock 24db and 34db gain amplifiers made by Kingray Australia.

A good masthead TV signal booster is one of the best ways to compensate for a low signal in cases where the signal is weak. We can also install caravan digital TV aerial booster packs that sit behind the TV, but generally, these are the last resort for a domestic installation. We also carry masthead TV signal amplifiers, mainly from KINGRAY Australia, both of which have 24db and 34db signal gain for problem installations. At TV Antennas Perth, we can also install boosters for other types of video distribution systems including satellite and radio signal boosters for distribution around a large MATV system with lots of outlets.

NOTE: If you’re not getting any channels or absolutely no picture, a booster generally won’t do a thing. If you’re using an amplifier to distribute a signal over a long run of cable or to multiple TVs, make sure you use a masthead aerial amplifier and not a crappy plug in the wall type. If you live reasonably close to a TV transmitter but still get a ‘blocky’ picture, despite having already tried a booster, it might be wise to try signal attenuator instead of a booster.  Chat with us online now for more information.

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