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UHF Antenna Installation Perth

The best way to achieve the best digital TV signal you can get will depend greatly on which area of Perth or Mandurah you are in. Some areas need a UHF Antenna and are completely different than others in terms of TV reception and the necessary Antenna Installation needed. Therefore, we carry a few different types and styles of antennas so that we can always get you the best signal. For details about Perth TV reception, see our DIY section. Suffice it to say, sometimes we have to use different setups to get the absolute best possible Digital signal.  Thus, the antenna you need depends on your area and your house’s requirements.

Most of Perth is in a good reception area and only needs a standard size digital antenna installation, depending on house type and situation.  The further north or south you go, the bigger antennas and boosters may be needed. Also, if you are in a black spot or surrounded by trees or buildings the same is true. Here at TV Antennas Perth we use different antennas to balance TV signal in commercial installations and for seriously troublesome residential black spots. Areas around Roleystone and Scarborough pick up signals primarily on the UHF Antenna band. Therefore a suitable installation of a UHF antenna is needed, as opposed to the normal combination antenna. Also, a good UHF antenna in Mandurah can pick up Bunbury stations. Therefore, UHF antennas here can also give added entertainment value.

UHF Antennas

UHF Antennas

Around Mandurah, there are different TV transmitters you can pick up. If we install two styles of an antenna on your roof, it’s possible to get more TV channels than just the standard Perth channels.  You may also get some regional TV stations like GWN and WIN.

TV Reception Problems?

There are also many TV reception black spots in Perth, Byford and Armadale.  In these areas, we install a different type of TV antenna. This includes anywhere that is in the shadow of the hills or down on the coast.  Places like Fremantle can get pretty bad digital reception. Areas of Hamersley, close to the AM radio transmitter towers, also need different types of antennas to compensate for interference from AM radio towers. Houses out in the hills or far from Perth, such as Yanchep and Two-Rocks, or in bad reception coastal areas like Scarborough often need a separate antenna for VHF and UHF. Sometimes you may even need to install a very big TV antenna on a high pole.

E-WIRE & Underground Antennas

Some areas with velocity, E-Wire or underground cabling and not allowed to have an antenna on the roof.  In that case, we can use other special antenna setups to get you what you need. E-wire, in my experience, is very unreliable.  I often see cases where it’s not working well. Call now if you want to give E-wire the chop and get a more reliable digital TV picture.

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