KU Band Satellite TV Dish ( Small)

KU-Band contains between 52 – 60 free to air channels. Most of the channels are on Optus D2. These free channels are mainly foreign language channels, and Christian channels on Optus B3. To receive these FTA channels, you need an 80cm dish with a KU band LNBF.  You also need a Free to Air digital satellite receiver. Other channels on KU band are pay TV channels and VAST & Aurora remote area channels that require a digital satellite receiver with card slot, and an authorized smart card and subscription (for Pay TV). The pay TV receiver and card are supplied by the pay TV provider when you start a subscription. Check the websites of the SAT-TV channel you want to watch for details.


Foxtel does free installations of KU satellite TV and locks you into a contract, but they do have all the best channels if you can afford it.

Watch The Football From Over East With Optus & VAST

Aurora is platform on the Optus C1 satellite that has a group of channels that contain free to air television such as ABC and SBS.  There is also a choice of 2 commercial channels, either GWN and WIN West for WA, or Imparja and Seven Central for Other areas. SBS and ABC are available to anyone within Australia. The commercial channels are available to anyone in Australia that is outside the Dish footprint of terrestrial transmitters. Channels need to be activated before they can be watched. They can be activated by phoning or faxing each broadcaster. All channels are free to activate except for Imparja, who will charge $55 per activation.

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