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TV TuningTV Tuning: We all have trouble tuning the latest televisions, so with all the confusing buttons, features and options, is it really worth it to just pay someone to do the TV tuning for you? Of course, it is!

Home theatre systems these days can be complicated to set up and get working to their full potential. Rather than spend three days trying to understand a manual, give us a call and we will come to you and do the TV Setup for you.

Not only will the digital TV tuning be done quicker and safer, but it’s also all the small touches and tricks of the trade that professional digital tuning technicians know that makes the difference.

TV Tuning Service fr$75

Channels on the right channel numbers!
TV tuning involves calibrating the TV and getting the best picture
Getting the best audio and repeats of channels.
Cleaning up a fuzzy or pixelated picture with correct antenna and TV tuning!
Eliminate the channels you don’t watch, like SBS radio or fuzzy channels.
Correct aspect ratio settings for your other equipment.
Optimal tuning and connection of ALL your other AV equipment, not only your digital TV, using the best cables.

TV Tuning Service Call from $75  

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