Phone Line Installation & Repair Services fr$75

Phone Line Services

Looking for low-cost telecommunications cabling services in Perth? Do you need a phone technician for phone line repairs and fixing faults? Maybe you just need to install a new phone point or new phone line? Perhaps you would like the convenience of watching a smart TV in your bedroom or the flexibility of being online in whichever room you choose?

Whatever your need, we are your local ACMA accredited telecom techs who are ready to install additional phone points and carry-out phone socket repairs of existing phone points.

Do you want faster NBN?

Speed up and improve your NBN services by installing new phone lines and chopping out old bridges and system taps.  Old, water damaged phone cables from 20-30 years ago are still in use in most houses in Perth today. Also replacing the cable of the phone point, especially where the router/modem plugs in, all the way back to the Telstra in-wire, removing old bridges and taps can greatly increase the overall speed of NBN.

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Extra Phone Lines Installed – Fr$180

In my personal experience, I have managed to squeeze an extra megabit or two out of my home internet connection after upgrading my old phone cables. Book online now.