New TV Point Installation -fr$120

Do you realise you can have multiple TV points in your home? And that getting extra TV points installed in your home is very cost-effective?

TV Point Installation

TV Point Installations

Many homes in Perth do not have antenna points installed in every room.  However,  just because you do not have a TV point in your room now does not mean you can’t have one installed.  Your living room or entertainment room is not the only room in the house people like to enjoy digital cable television.  With our low-cost TV point installation service, you can eliminate the clutter of rabbit ears and extension wires running through your home.   Installing an extra TV point will solve all of your ‘who gets to watch what’ TV viewing problems as you will have strong signal strength and digital-ready connections in every room.

We Use RG6 Quad-Core Shielded Coax Cable and F-Type Screw Connectors

Note: If you require extra TV wall plugs on the bottom of a double-storey house, an external conduit may have to be used.

Note: The more TV connections you have the weaker the overall signal becomes and it doesn’t matter if the TVs are turned on or not. If a weak signal is found, an amplifier may be recommended to improve the digital signal quality.  Get Antenna Points installed today and get the freedom you need to enjoy TV anywhere in your home or business.

Extra TV Points From $120

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