HD Digital TV Antenna Upgrades fr$220

Time to replace the old analogue antenna with a new digital antenna? 

We use the latest digital test equipment and can assess if your existing outdoor TV antenna is good enough for HDTV and 3d channels.   Also, we can determine whether your system can be repaired or if you need a brand new aerial.

Digital Antenna Installer Perth

Upgrade To A Digital Antenna fr$220

Digital TV has been available since 2001.  So, old antennas installed before this date may not be suitable for receiving digital signals effectively. For example, ABC now broadcasts its digital signal on channel 12 instead of channel 2.  Many older TV antennas may not have the correct design to account for this change. Upgrading to a digital TV antenna will help.

An old analogue antenna will give poor results or cease to work at all for a number of reasons. For example, their plastics become brittle over time and the antenna mountings may break in high winds or storms. Large birds, as well as tree branches and salt corrosion, can also degrade the equipment over the years.

Digital TV Uses Frequencies That Older Antennas Cannot Pick Up

If your antenna is approaching 10yrs old and you no longer watch analogue TV, it may be time to get an Australian made digital TV antenna installation. It’s quick and easy, and you will get an improved TV picture.
 We use only Australian designed HD ready digital antennas. They are designed to last in our harsh Australian weather conditions and withstand our native wildlife. Also, it keeps the dollars over here in Aus. If your internal cabling is over 6-7 years old, it is a good idea to spend a few extra dollars to replace all the old cabling and splitters and fully upgrade the whole house to digital.

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