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Smart Wiring And Structured Data Cabling Perth

The basis of any smart home is a structured cabling system.  All the electrical, A/V, phone, data and control wiring comes together in a central location. This smart wiring makes it simple to interface systems with each other.  It also makes it easier to update or reconfigure systems as new technologies arrive and new products are added.

Smart Wiring Cabling

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With the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN), you will find that services such as Pay TV, Free-To-Air TV, internet-based TV and telecommunications will be increasingly delivered over this platform. This will bring them to a single point in the home where can be distributed to other locations throughout the home.

This makes a well designed, structured cabling system an absolute necessity in the modern home.

We can help with all smart wiring data systems and high end modulated TV systems. We have registered cablers and we are well qualified to rewire the whole house with LAN computer cabling, TV cabling, sound and CCTV cabling.  Also, we can handle anything else that needs doing to make your home smarter.

As technology updates so must we.  Old TV cables simply won’t carry the digital TV signal well.  We replace the old cables with  HD compatible cabling. Also, converters will be installed along with high quality digital optical speaker cables. We wire up a lot of shops, local display areas and automated computer controlled entertainment systems, so wiring up your domestic smart wiring system is easy

Smart Wire Services

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