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G’day. I’m Andrew. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to watch your new TV. Whatever has gone wrong, give TV Repairs Perth a call. We’ll get you back to enjoying holding your remote again in no time. We offer quick home call out pick up service at a time that suits you.

TV Repairs Perth

TV Repairs Perth

Some things like a broken remote control, loose connections or broken plugs and sockets are easy to repair. However, cracked screens or dead pixels are harder to fix, but are not so expensive these days. Even a mainboard with blown capacitors can be repaired at a reasonable cost, but jobs like that are a bit fiddly and usually require extra time.

 Accidental & Storm Damage –  Insurance Reports – TV Repairs Perth

We will provide a full diagnosis and price for repairing the TV once the TV has been bench tested and the fault is found. Minor repairs can be fixed onsite, but bigger problems require the correct tools and equipment, so we have to do the repair in our repair shop. The length of a repair can vary due to part availability, but is typically within 3-6 days, depending on part delivery.

If you have a Samsung LED TV or any LCD TV that needs repair, you should talk to TV Repairs Perth. Also, TV Repairs Perth is one of the best at repairing televisions, including all makes of LCD and plasma flat screen TVs. You can have peace of mind knowing that our guys are fully experienced and equipped for repairing the following types of products:

TV repair perth

Television Repair Perth

LCD Televisions – Plasma Televisions – LED Televisions 

Replacing your television set can put a huge hole in your wallet. Instead, let us make your TV operate properly with a few repairs! Call us at TV Repair Perth services for repairs that are done according to factory standards.  We can usually fix most problems quickly and we try not to charge you too much. Some of the brands we repair include Hitachi, Insignia, Dynex, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba to name just a few.

We’ve seen all kinds of problems over the years, and we can help with dead pixels, ghosting, burn-in, horizontal lines, vertical lines, dark picture, fuzzy picture, TV turning itself off, distorted sound, incorrect colours, LCD TV clicks with standby light flashing & suddenly switches off, there is sound but no picture or picture but no sound, both the screen and the speakers stop working, LCD displays distorted picture, double image appearing on the screen, booming and rattling sound coming from the speakers, LCD TV turns off itself, loose or defective internal connections, peripheral connectivity issues, vertical lines appearing over the display screen and more.

Pickup and Delivery – No need to worry about transporting that 50-inch plasma, LCD or rear projection television. For a few extra dollars, our experienced drivers will come and bring it back to the shop  in Osborne Park for a full diagnosis and report

We Are The Big Screen TV Repair Perth Specialists.  Best Price Guaranteed! 3 Months Guarantee.  We do quality work, that’s why we are able to guarantee the work we do for a whole year. That’s nine months more than most repair centres. You can be sure your Plasma or LCD TV will be fixed right.


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