TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting Perth

Want your TV wall mounting bracket installed on the wall but don’t want to pay a huge amount?

Looking for someone to put your tv on the wall as easily and efficiently as possible?
We’re here to help YOU today. We will wall mount any size, any brand, anywhere!

Specialising in plasma, LCD and LED TVs, we’ve mounted these indoors, outdoors, off ceilings, poles, gyprock, brick and anywhere else you can imagine.
Need cabling concealed within the wall cavity? We can do it!
Want to connect a soundbar? No problem, we can handle that also.

Whether it’s in your bedroom, BBQ area, or gym, we hide the cables and securely hang your TV on the wall to the highest Australian standards, at the exact height that you desire. We can supply and install a variety of TV  hanging brackets for different sized TV’s, but you are also welcome to use your own for a cheaper installation cost. At TV Antennas Perth, we also supply all your home theatre needs, including all HDMI and Optical sound cables, new TV points, A/V shelves and racks, as well as any extra power points necessary. Contact us today for a low-cost TV hang quote.

TV Wall Mounting fr$149

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